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Our credo

We believed that the world is a large market place where people meet to exchange goods. We are convinced that the transfer of knowledge and technology from North to South , and the transfer of natural resources with added value at the right price from South to North will lead the world to a real global village where everyone will live a better life.
We are dedicated to meet our customers’ need and expectations, and we strive to deliver the best quality goods and services while insuring the safety of our associates and partners.
Our customers’ well-being, satisfaction, and trust shape our road. We rely on a fair and truthful relationship with market and non-market stakeholders in which anyone finds its interests. Research, Growth, Progress and Development are our main tools to overcome limits.

Who we are

International Trade

Transaction Facilitators between buyers and sellers

Import and export project management

Product distributor

Where we come from

The owners of Global trade have more than 20 years of experience in international trade. Since 2010, Global Trade and Consulting LLC has been helping companies in Central Africa to boost their commercial relationship with companies in Asia, Europe and the USA. From the first request of quotation to the delivery of goods or services, we handle all the part of the process, allowing our clients to focus on their core business. We serve as an interface between our partners and their African buyers, and between our African clients and American, European, and Asian suppliers. Our Label : GRENIER D’AFRIQUE We distribute in the United States, under the Label “Grenier d’Afrique” the best selection of 100% Natural Products directly from Africa; from the mountains to the green valleys, and from the coast to the savannah through the virgin forest. Each product labeled “Grenier D’Afrique” is certified 100% natural without any additive. The process of production and conservation is traditional as it is done in Africa. The food is collected directly from traditional farms, group of women in villages and suburbs. The Food is packed by young adults who were leaving under the threshold of poverty. “Grenier d’Afrique” for most of them is the opportunity to have their first job where they are treat with dignity in respect of the regulation of the International Labor Organization. All the people involved from the beginning to the end of the process in Africa receive a fair compensation, and therefore are able to have a decent life from their work. Any sale of a product “Grenier d’Arique” changes the life of at least one family in Africa as well as procures good eating habit of at least in one family in the USA and in Europe.

Our Partners